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fffff why not

In Character meme
◢ ask any of my characters a question. ask them anything you want, regardless of knowing their canon.
◢ feel free to ask them as your own character, if you want. either way, your question might be returned with one of their own, if they feel so inclined.
◢ it's totally encouraged for you to tag with your own character.

Current rp'd characters and old ones are fine too.
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Stuff for Sale

Nn... so these are some things I've been meaning to get rid of for a while, and I don't want to just throw them away so I figure I'd see if my flist is interested.

Three Death Note Doujins:
All L/Light anthologies, lots of stories by different artists, one includes a short Mello/Near story as well.

Cover 1
Cover 2
Cover 3

Looking to get about £4 a book, shipping depending on where its going. Also will consider offers.

Dream of Doll D.O.C SI Model

A BJD I got a few years ago and no longer want. He's in good condition except for the fact the little finger on his left hand snapped off, however it could be repaired easily.
He also comes with a spare pair of hands, two wigs, and a special bag to carry him in alongside a pillow.

This is the only photo I have of him, sorry for crappy quality. His eyes are green if you can't tell. Or you could check out the Dream of Doll website for a better idea of the model.

I'm looking for a about £170 for him plus £20 shipping (less or more depending on where he's going), or once again, best offer.

Payment would be through paypal XD
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Yeah I randomly made a Belarus account marriedmarried

All this muse inspiration will kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Last night was epic fun, we stayed up till 6:30am rping. X-Men game this time, which we will keep playing since our GM plans to take through a whole bunch of Marvel storylines. I think i'm gonna join the Brotherhood... its makes sense and it'd be cool to play a bad guy for once |D

I am so huuuungry...

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Because, as with Disney, villains are awesome.

Not got glasses yet, since mother expects me to read her mind and know what time to be up for so she could take me to pick them, instead of you know, just telling me.
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Criticism and Critique

Give me constuctive-criticism on the characters that I roleplay, please feel free to be honest to help me improve my roleplaying, writing and characterisation. All advice and thoughts are appreciated.

This post will be linked to in all my character journals for my current games.

Anonymous commenting is allowed, as are logged-in comments, do whichever you feel most comfortable doing ^^
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Webcomic Recs

So while waiting for my bath to run I decided to do something entirely useless and list all the webcomics that I currently read. So in no particular order...

Sister Claire Pregnant Nun, holy crap!

Menage a 3 and Penny and Aggie: Two awesomely good webcomics by the same artist. The art and storylines are wonderfully entertaining, plus there's a good mix of serious and funny plot points.

The Zombie Hunters: For those who enjoy zombies and post-apocalyptic stories with a good dose of humour thrown in. Very enjoyable characters, especially Samantha XD

The Phoenix Requiem: A world where magic has been lost, beautiful artwork centering around a slowly building plotline involving a deadly plague and the slow return of spirits and the darker Shades.

Machine Flower: Drawn by my friend pana, unique art style and a premise that promises to be very interesting. Follow the stories of the children in the Facility, genetically altered to become warriors and struggling to find a real identity.

Lackadaisy: Story about 1920's bootleg liquor runners during Prohibition, but they're cats! Cats! The art is fantastic and very professional (well it figures since the artist is a professional), and the characters and stories are awesome too. If only the update rate wasn't so slow...

Last Blood: Zombies have taken over the world, the Vampire are forced to protect the last band of living humans or else face extinction themselves. Zombies vs Vampires, who wouldn't love that?

The Devils Panties: Webcomic semi-biography of the cartoonist's life, veery amusing and funny, wish my life was like hers.

Girl Genius: Good storyline and fun characters, the art took me a bit of getting used to but now I think its great.

Shortpacked!: Comic about toy collecting and employees who work in a toy store, funnier than it sounds just from that! Lotsa Batman jokes.

Kevin and Kell: Animal characters, and a world where superiority is based on whether you're predator or prey. Pretty gentle humour, but still amusing XD

Penny Arcade: Gaming comic, cool art style and humour XD

Earthsong: Fantasy story comic with a really great concept.

VG Cats: Another gaming comic and another kitty comic, very funny. Though the updates are very unpredicatable.

Drow Tales: Fantasy comic about Drow! And not Forgotten Realms Drow either, even though some concepts are borrowed (black skin, white hair etc.) its completely seperate and has a good story with lots of expansion. The art is amazingly well done, given that a whole studio of artists produces it.

Count Your Sheep: Cute comic about a girl, her mom and her imaginary sheep friend Ship who helps her fall asleep by counting him, awwwww.

Corner Alley 13: Fantasy creatures invade the modern world and have to deal with immigration issues! Cute and funny, but with an interesting storyline too.

Friendly Hostility: Good characters, story, humour... got it all basically, followed on from Boy Meets Boy by the same artist, but you don't need to have read that first!

Grim Tales from Down Below: A crossover comic from mostly kiddie cartoons, based off the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy but with numerous other characters appearing from series such as Spawn, Danny Phantom, Hey Arnold!, Nightmare Before Christmas etc. Also Bleedman's PowerPuff Girls crossover comic and his original comic Sugarbits can be found on the same site.

Two Lumps: Comic about the adventures of two cats called Ebenezer and Snooch (yes moar kitties!), its funny! :D

My conclusion from this? Damn I read a lot of webcomics, anyone got anymore recs? And if anyone found something interesting to read from this list go you! ♥